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Is Facetime the New Face-To-Face?

May 9, 2019

Double your Outcomes Data Volume Compliance

Feb 28, 2019

Do you find your outcomes reports have less data than you were expecting? Are you spending too much time organizing paper forms? Do you wish your data could show up in reports more quickly? If you answered yes, or if ...

Star-Crossed Satisfaction

Dec 31, 2018

We’ve all checked online ratings of service providers to help make informed decisions. Patients are no different. But how do psychiatric hospital online ratings match up with patient satisfaction scores that hospitals collect from patients? Do they really help patients ...

Nursing Hours & Patient Outcomes

May 31, 2016

Clients will often inquire if staffing ratios impact outcomes and request that MHO investigate the relationship between nursing hours and patient outcomes: Does more staff mean better care? The ratio of nurses to patients is important for inpatient psychiatric units ...

Probing Electroconvulsive Therapy

Feb 2, 2016

Society is becoming more aware of health issues, fighting stigmas that mental illness and its treatments bring. ECT is a viable option for many patients. It is important to keep in mind that ECT is often patients’ last hope of ...

Satisfaction: Diagnoses and Severity

Dec 15, 2015

Key Drivers of Poor Satisfaction

Nov 15, 2015

Moonlight Diagnoses

Oct 20, 2015

Avoiding Falls

Jun 9, 2015

Avoiding Patient Falls: Risk Factors BY Elizabeth Vera-Bolanos, DATA ANALYST     ...

Employee Engagement

Jun 4, 2015


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