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Improving Behavioral Health Care for Older Americans Now, Not Later.

Feb 14, 2024

President Joe Biden has addressed the national mental health crisis several times, urging the nation to achieve parity between physical and mental health care. The White House published an associated brief outlining strategies to tackle the crisis, ...

5 Benefits of Conducting Mock Surveys of Your Facility

Nov 27, 2023

One of the primary goals of behavioral health management and consulting is to leverage clinical resources to help facilities improve patient outcomes. One of the clinical resources we utilize is the mock survey. Through mock surveys, we ...

Stages of Change

Nov 22, 2023

By: Craig Harling, Vice President, Clinical Services How often have we heard or said, “Why are we taking that patient again? They never change their behavior.” Having worked in hospital settings of all kinds for over 30 years, I ...

Behavioral Health Benchmarking: What You Need to Know

Nov 22, 2023

Behavioral health providers often turn to companies such as Horizon Health for mental health consulting services designed to assist with improving their existing programs, which  is a smart move. Consulting services can offer the fresh perspective providers ...

How a Systematic Management Approach Can Improve Your Facility

Nov 20, 2023

As a company that specializes in behavioral health management and consulting, we employ a systematic management approach whenever we take on a new client. We have put our approach to the test for more than 40 years ...

Recently Published Study Reveals a Big Gap in Medical Detox

Nov 17, 2023

Medical detox programs are an integral part of comprehensive behavioral health. We help hospitals and clinics establish and maintain medical detox programs in a safe and effective environment. Given our experience with medical detox, we are always on ...

Value-Based Payments Are Coming to Behavioral Health, Ready or Not

Nov 15, 2023

Value-based payments (VBPs) have been a topic for discussion since the earliest days of the Affordable Care Act. Implementing them as a drop-in replacement for fee-for-service (FSS) payments remains a work in progress. But they are coming. They are ...

We Owe It to Seniors to Make Geriatric Behavioral Health a Priority

Nov 13, 2023

The senior population has historically been underserved where behavioral health is concerned. Our healthcare system just has not given priority to geriatric behavioral health. As unfortunate as this is, we have the opportunity to change this. We owe it ...

Do More Treatment Sessions Lead to Better Outcomes in Adult Outpatients?

Nov 9, 2023

BY ALEX BURTON, PhD, DATA SCIENTIST One way to measure the efficacy of psychiatric care is to evaluate changes in patient symptomology on standardized assessments from admission to discharge. However, current research suggests metrics of patient outcomes alone may ...

Do You Know What the #1 Challenge in Mental Health Care Is?

Oct 31, 2023

If there is one thing all behavioral health management companies know it is the fact that delivering services to patients is both an act of compassion and a business. The dual nature of healthcare services cannot be escaped.

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