Operational Expertise to Drive Your Behavioral Health Services Forward

Horizon Health’s Operations team is a primary benefit to the success of your behavioral health unit. We work with your hospital in strategic partnership to oversee the entire arc of your behavioral health program to ensure it is performing with operational excellence. We’re here to help you effectively PIVOT™️ to meet the ever-changing challenges your community’s populations can face. Together, we will leverage our experiences to develop strong leadership for your behavioral health unit.

For Those Starting to Offer Behavioral Health Services

Navigating operational services for a new behavioral health program can seem daunting, but we lead with proven, streamlined workflows that help you meet the standards of a best-practices behavioral unit.

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For Those Looking to Improve an Existing Program

Our operational expertise can provide insights into what should be improved in your existing behavioral health program, as well as identify problem areas and short-term and long-term targets for change that encourage sustained success.

With Horizon Health’s operations team, your hospital’s behavioral health unit will gain 40 years of operational excellence experience in behavioral health services management. Our Operators are here to support and to lead based on your current and future population needs.

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Let’s Get to Work, Together

Contact us to learn more about how Horizon Health can help you start a behavioral health program or take an existing program to new heights.