Why Choose Horizon Health?

A leader in the field of behavioral health for over 40 years, Horizon Health has helped hundreds of partners in the industry improve their behavioral health programs. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for excellence and innovation, something that drives us to help all of our clients achieve their behavioral health goals.

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A Step Ahead of the Rest

There are many reasons to choose Horizon Health for your behavioral health program needs – take a look through some of those reasons below to realize why we are truly a step ahead of the rest.

Contribution Margin

To find out how partnering with Horizon Health could potentially increase your contribution margin, give us a call. It’s a simple, no obligation, conversation to determine if there’s a mutual fit.

Many factors can impact the contribution margin of your program.  Our clinical, operational and financial experts can help you identify opportunities to increase the profitability of your program.

Implementation of improved operational efficiencies, Horizon’s Referral Development System, and a change in payor mix are just a few components that can quickly improve the bottom line for your program.

The Power of One

An increase in Average Daily Census of 1 typically increases contribution margin by roughly $100,000.

The first month of operation, this program’s ADC was 5, and by the end of year two, 11.  For this program an increase of 1 ADC meant an additional $95,000.

This program realized $462,000 in additional contribution margin in year two.


The CQI+ Outcomes Measurement System provides  outcomes monitoring and comparative benchmarking  that supports clinical improvement, referral development, accreditation and regulatory compliance.

Many administrators assume they have a clinically strong behavioral health program.

The CQI+  Outcomes Measurement System provides evidence and comparative benchmarking to quantify your program’s actual performance.   You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Risk Management

Horizon will implement best practices to help reduce risk.


Referral Base

Horizon marketing strategies specialize in building a broad referral base.

Before Horizon

Generally hospitals get their behavioral health admissions primarily through the ER and one or two other referral sources.

After Horizon

Horizon expands the origin of admissions for our partners’ behavioral health services by implementing innovative community education and marketing programs, thereby relieving the pressure from their ERs.

Important Questions to Consider

Is Your Psychiatric Program a Top Performer?

Horizon Health can help you transform your existing behavioral health program into a competitive, profitable venture that delivers high-quality care.

Thinking About a New Psychiatric Unit?

Horizon Health can help you expand services to your community with a competitive behavioral health program that works.

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