9. Team Involvement


(Doug): David, you bring up a good point. When you come on-site, what team members from that hospital should be there in that meeting and walkthrough?

(David): The people that we like to have with us while we’re walking the potential space are really two key members. One is the decision-maker really for the facility and the person who has ownership in this future program. And that can vary who that person is for the hospital. That may be the CEO, the CFO, CNO or the COO, but typically someone from the C suite, if you will, and then also a facility person or plant ops director who has good historical knowledge about the building. And what I mean by that is anecdotal in that we can talk about the systems and the condition of the systems and how they work, those mechanical, plumbing and electrical items, but also has access to drawings hopefully where we can assess how the space was constructed, where ductwork comes from and so forth. And then also have a floor plan that we can work our conceptual plan from. So those things are important as well.

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