6. Asbestos


(Doug): David, I know a question that comes up and I know we’ve done quite a few walk-throughs and assessments together, but executives seem to be still concerned about asbestos, and it seems like today we’re really not seeing that like we were in the years and decades past. What has been your experience?

(David): I think we see it less and less. I think you’re right. I think as the years go by the space that we’re looking at probably has been renovated since the date of its original construction. So the time that that renovation took place they typically have dealt with the asbestos or hazardous materials. We still do find sometimes lingering elements of piping insulation, flooring and so forth, but typically our healthcare contractors and the demolition firms that are being used have experience in taking care of those materials, and so it becomes a part of the overall construction cost. But like you said, I don’t think it becomes a real barrier.

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