5. Scope of Work


(Doug): What is typically the work you see being needed?

(David): As we go into the space really the first thing we look for are the safety upgrades that are needed. And so we look at things like doors. We look at the mechanical, diffusers, the things that serve air to the room and exhaust, what those are like. We look at toilet accessories. We also look at all the wall-hung items. Anything that can be a future ligature risk are things that we want to eliminate or replace. And so on doors we look at specialized hardware. For the mechanical diffusers, for the lighting we look at tamper-resistant type products that are available on the market specifically for this use. Even down to the screws on the mounting plates, all of those have to be tamper proof screws. So we look at the safety aspect of it. And then we look at what we need to do to create the right social space or day space. Typically on a 12 bed unit you need two types of space, a noisy room and a quiet room. The noisy room is where you do your dining and you do typically your TV activities and so forth. And your quiet room is a place where folks can get away, read a book, play a quiet game if they want to, and also do group therapy. So there typically are renovations that occur for that day space.

And then we assess just very preliminarily the condition of the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. If it’s a space that hasn’t been touched in a while and hasn’t undergone a renovation or an upgrade, a lot of times we’re finding maybe the mechanical units are old that serve that part of the building and so there’s some premium to replacing those units so that we serve this new space with code compliant air changes and so forth. And the same goes for electrical, making sure that there’s the right emergency power systems in place and so forth. Finally, we look at locking the unit and what we need to do to make the unit secure. And we also look at window safety depending on what floor the unit is on and the type of patient that’s there. We may need to screen the window or add a safety film, that type of thing. So those are the things we look at.

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