2. Evaluation Process


(Doug): David, what’s the typical process a hospital should go through to evaluate their existing space?

(David): You really need to look at the condition of the space, Doug. You need to look at the size of the space, the access to the space, how you’re going to get these patients from the front door into this space and make it a dignified process. You need to look at the ability to share certain functions between the hospital and this unit. So for instance, rooms like clean and a central stores, sold utility, those types of things that those can be shared, of course that makes it more efficient. The ability to segregate and lock this unit is also important. So it needs to be in a place where you’re not having to go through it to access another service in the hospital.

The other thing that needs to be considered is the mix of private rooms with semi-private. This has a big space implication of course and it gives the facility the flexibility to adapt the program day-to-day to different patients needs. So that’s a very important consideration. The size of the existing bedrooms, if we’re looking at old nursing units, also needs to be considered because as we look at this space and we renovate it, the whole unit will have to be brought up to today’s code since we are indeed what I call touching it, then it needs to be brought up to today’s code. So all those things need to be considered.

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