16. Gero Unit Considerations


(Doug): Are there special considerations for building a behavioral health unit for older adults?

(David): Regulations can vary state to state for renovating a geriatric unit. But really we look to the FGI Guidelines for answers to this. And those regs have a few items in there that are particular to geriatric units. I won’t get into all the various square footage details but really you have the size of the bedroom is different for geriatric. The size of the social space, because these folks are going to be dining on the unit. And also they have mobility issues. The guidelines recognize that a lot of the population is going to be in wheelchairs or walkers and have accessibility issues. So having hallways that have good handrails, having bathrooms that are accessible is ideal as well. And so those are the types of considerations that need to be made for particularly the geriatric population.

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