14. Conversion Areas: LD


(Doug): And David, to add on to that I know a lot of acute care hospitals are shutting down their labor and delivery and trying to replace the lost revenue of that space. Do those make good areas as well for a behavioral health unit, especially geriatric?

(David): Yes. We’ve looked at several closed down LDR units and they do tend to make a good fit for a behavioral unit because they often have a segregated entrance; they’re not in the middle of everything as it were. A lot of times they have been a locked unit, and even though the locking may change a little bit, just the configuration or the boundary of the unit being locked, the perimeter of the unit being locked makes it easily converted to behavioral space. So a lot of times in the LDR rooms are bigger rooms and so that helps with the square footage concerns of making the rooms the right size to meet the regulations.

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