1. Introduction


(Doug): Welcome everyone. I am Doug Johnson, Senior Vice President of Development with Horizon Health. With the increased demand for behavioral health services in acute care hospitals, we are presenting a webinar on considerations for renovation of behavioral health space. With me today is David Brown, architect, managing partner with Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects. Welcome David.

(David): Thank you.

(Doug): David, what is your background in behavioral healthcare design?

(David): Our firm’s history really in behavioral healthcare design starts with our firm’s founders Ed Johnson, one of the Johnson’s of the Johnson Johnson Crabtree, designed over 100 psych hospitals for ACA back in the ’80s. When JJCA was founded in the ’90s we continued with that experience doing master planning on several state systems and also then transitioned into the for-profit clients over the past ten years. And so when we look back at our work for the past decade, we’ve done over 60 behavioral health care projects.

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