You can’t manage what you don’t measure. That’s why we’ve collected data on 1.6 million patients, allowing us to ask and answer all the right questions.

What can we answer for you?

CQI+ is Horizon’s clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction benchmarking system and is operated by Horizon’s subsidiary, Mental Health Outcomes (MHO).  Horizon Health was a pioneer in the design and implementation of behavioral health outcomes measurement.  The CQI+ Outcomes Measurement System provides a combination of standardized, proprietary, and custom clinical and case-mix data tools to provide the largest behavioral health outcomes benchmarking and performance improvement database.

The CQI+ system provides objective comparative outcomes that provide to the healthcare provider the information needed to answer their most important question, “Do our patients improve?”

MHO provides support and submission services for both The Joint Commission Hospital Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services (HBIPS) and the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Quality Reporting (IPFQR) Measures.

You Can Only Manage What You Measure

Mental Health Outcomes uses a combination of standardized, proprietary, and custom clinical and case-mix data tools to provide a robust behavioral health outcomes benchmarking and performance improvement database.

Data You Can Use

The CQI+ Outcomes Measurement System conducts a thorough analysis of all data collected and presents it in streamlined, easy to understand reports that provide you with actionable items to support your performance improvement efforts.

Preventing Seclusions: Admission Predictors

Seclusions are a rare though not insignificant occurrence on adult inpatient units. What do we know about impacted patients? Can we predict which patients are more susceptible? What can facilities do to reduce seclusions while upholding patient safety? In this month’s...

The Fifth Patient

In an ideal world, ALL inpatients would show improvement on clinical outcomes assessments. As it turns out, MOST do improve. In the July 2021 Analytics in Action, MHO begins to explore differences in the inpatient population for those patients who do not show...

Mixed Signals in Adolescents

Stereotypes surrounding attitudes and behaviors of the general teen population run rampant. Left is right. Up is down. In this month’s Analytics in Action, MHO takes a look at the mixed signals adolescent patients are sending about their behavioral health treatment.

Fostering Patient Independence

Self-efficacy is a key component of recovery and patients’ ability to tackle daily life. In this month’s Analytics in Action, MHO explores outcomes data for insights into how well behavioral health facilities are fostering a sense of self-efficacy and independence in...

Picking the Right Clinical Assessment Outcomes Tool

Picking the right clinical assessment outcomes tool to assist in treatment planning and monitoring program performance can be a challenge, especially when balancing the practical and ideal. Often in a push for efficiency, providers select a tool with a narrow...

Outcomes In Tobacco Users

Tobacco Users are admitted to Inpatient Behavioral Health programs with higher severity and when released, though they have improved, still have a higher severity of mental health challenges at discharge.

Look for the Silver Lining

Growing up as a boy in Staten Island, NY, my father was someone who loved to be in the outdoors, despite our city life existence. He was always planning family camping trips in the summer for my mother, sister, brother and I.  What great memories I have of trips to...

Is Patient Satisfaction Related to Diagnosis?

With so much emphasis on drivers of patient satisfaction within a facility’s control, a common question MHO receives is whether patient characteristics are influencing satisfaction. This month, MHO examines the relationship between diagnosis and patient satisfaction.

Opportunities to be Found

These days Mental Health has taken on a whole other meaning as COVID-19 has changed the rhythm of our daily lives—Just. Like. That!  With little preparation, life as we knew it was cancelled and substituted by a stay-at-home, shelter-in-place way of existence. Jobs...

First Impressions Matter

Participating in step-down outpatient care following an inpatient stay is important for maintaining gains made during the inpatient stay. This month, MHO takes a look at how patient satisfaction   may be able to help boost the number of patients that participate in...

Winter Blues: Is There Really Such a Thing?

Depression severity does not seem to be impacted by seasonality and instead varies by demographics.  Outcomes data clearly show facilities can help patients resolve to take care of themselves whether snow, rain, sleet or shine!  

Social Determinants of Health

It is generally accepted that a hospital’s case mix influences their outcomes, so what’s influencing case mix? In this month’s Analytics in Action, MHO investigates the impact of social determinants in a hospital’s surrounding community on the hospital’s case...

Get Your Curiosity On!

What might happen if we unleashed a curious mindset on healthcare quality? Curiosity is that strong desire to know or learn something. A significant number of caregivers are not asking deeper questions. We are not seeking to generate genuine curiosity around an issue...

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