Educating Your Community with Effective Behavioral Health Marketing Services

Specialty services such as behavioral health require an additional level of relationship development. Your goal of increasing access to care requires effective mental health marketing to educate and inform your community about your behavioral health services.

Horizon Health can help you develop mental health marketing strategies that fit your organization’s brand and strategic business goals.

Boost Referrals & Raise Visibility

Referrals from PCPs to specialty health care providers, such as for behavioral health services, aren’t as traditional or clear cut as other programs your hospital may provide. Word of mouth, reputation and crisis intervention are all effective tools to grow your program through referrals.

The behavioral health community is well connected. Referral sources will choose the facility that provides the most efficient access, has a reputation for good quality of care and with whom they have a positive relationship.

Expand Your Reputation for Excellence in Behavioral Health

Our Community Education & Marketing team can help you meet established program goals through a range of relationship development and mental health marketing services. We help you elevate your program to be recognized as your market’s expert and preferred source for inpatient, outpatient and intensive outpatient behavioral health. Our continuous measurement of program performance allows us to evaluate and act upon competitors/marketplace and referral source perception/satisfaction.

Achieve better ROI with our HorizonPlus Analytics

HorizonPlus, our proprietary database, captures data instrumental to developing annual, quarterly and weekly strategic marketing plans.

Leveraging HorizonPlus, we track and measure more than behavioral health marketing activity. This powerful program also:

  • Provides real-time progress to key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Tracks all requests for services
  • Provides detailed reasons as to why a patient may not have been admitted
  • Tracks referral source activity, which is trended by category, company and the specific requestor of care
  • Tracks admissions, average length of stay and patient days.

Your ability to leverage the HorizonPlus database in tracking the source of inquiries/admissions/activities will help you determine the return on investment (ROI) of Horizon’s services, as well as PIVOT™ your focus on future behavioral health marketing initiatives.

Let’s Get to Work, Together

Contact us to learn more about how Horizon Health can help you start a behavioral health program or take an existing program to new heights.