Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Center Management

Ensuring a Successful Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit

Horizon Health’s Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health programs serve kids under the age of 18.  Children and adolescents face unprecedented mental health challenges that require individualized care by experts with unique insights into identifying and addressing a child’s behavioral health symptoms.  

The key issues affecting children and adolescents today are depression, anxiety, and behavioral disorders.   Our knowledgeable team will partner with you to ensure the patients you serve in your community receive the highest standard of quality care.  We are driven to help your staff and patients effectively treat varying mental health symptoms that affect children, including, but not limited to:

  •     Depression
  •     Suicidality
  •     Anxiety disorders
  •     Behavioral disorder i.e. Oppositional Defiant disorder, ADHD, Conduct disorder
  •     Substance Use Disorder

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Outcomes Measurement for Adolescent Behavioral Health Patients

The MHO team is dedicated to finding out if your patients are getting better. Their data analysis across the US gives partners a deeper insight into how their patients are progressing and assists in creating strategies to optimize the quality of care. With the MHO team’s support, you can be sure that you are providing the best possible care for your patients.

Financial Resources for Your Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit

Our financial team has the expertise to evaluate your financial data and devise current and potential strategies to strengthen your hospital’s financial standing. Utilizing their knowledge and experience, they can bring you closer to achieving your financial goals.

Community Education and Marketing to Drive Census

Our CEM team is here to support you in reaching higher census levels for your programs. We aim to do this by educating your population on the resources available and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues in your community. Let us help you drive better outcomes!

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Horizon Health has been a leader in behavioral health management for more than four decades. Our team of professionals utilizes the most advanced best practices to guarantee evidence-based outcomes for elderly patients. We are committed to creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere, which is crucial to the promotion of mental wellbeing. We are devoted to partnering with you to provide the best care for your elderly patients and make a significant impact on their behavioral health. 

Contact Horizon Health today to learn more about our geriatric behavioral health management programs.  We look forward to speaking with you and illustrating all of the ways Horizon Health can help you achieve better patient outcomes. 

Our clinical staff provides a comprehensive assessment and care plan that is tailored to meet the individualized needs of each patient.  We strive to provide the most effective treatment and to make sure that the patient’s individual goals are reached.  We also strive to enable the patient to understand his/her disorder and to empower him/her to take control of his/her own mental health. 

Our team also works closely with schools and other community partners to ensure that the patient receives the most comprehensive care and support.  We also provide education and resources to families on how to best support their child’s mental health.  We work collaboratively with schools and other community partners to ensure that the patient’s educational, social, and emotional needs are met. 

The Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health program strives to provide the highest quality of care to the patients we serve.  We believe that by partnering with you, we can help ensure that the children in your community receive the care that they need.

Let’s Get to Work, Together

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