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Giving a Boost to Your Net Promoter Score

Giving your Net Promoter Score (NPS) a boost is a challenge but one that can be overcome with practical and disciplined approaches.  To help identify some of these approaches and benefits, our colleagues at Mental Health Outcomes (MHO) have assembled another great infographic.  

In this month’s analysis, they’ve compared Net Promoter Scores (NPS) across patients grouped by discharge severity.

Boost Your Net Promoter Score Infographic


Click here to download infographic >

Low Severity 50 34
Average Severity 42 20
Highest Severity 33 5

Ways to Lower Discharge Severity

  • Use admission scores to identify areas of concern for patients
  • Include areas of concern in treatment planning
  • Throughout treatment ask patients how they feel about their progress in those areas
  • Collaborate with patients and include areas of concern in aftercare planning

 Click here to download infographic >


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