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Probing Electroconvulsive Therapy

Society is becoming more aware of health issues, fighting stigmas that mental illness and its treatments bring. ECT is a viable option for many patients.

It is important to keep in mind that ECT is often patients’ last hope of relief from severe depression.

Top Primary Diagnoses are similar to the overall population. As expected, depressive disorders are much more frequent, as ECT is used primarily for severe/chronic depression.

Average number of Acute ECT sessions: 9
Of those utilizing ECT:
Average Age: 46
Female: 63%
White: 88%

Common Concerns of ECT

  1. Social Impact
    – Over 75% of patients improved in “emotional problems that interfered socially” and “decreased time on work/activities due to depression.”
  2. Short-term Memory
    – 42% of patients reported no change in short term memory.
  3. Long-term Memory
    – Long-term memory improved for 25% of patients
  4. Satisfaction
    – Over 80% of patients reported having significantly benefited/improved from ECT and rated overall satisfaction as Excellent.
  5. Difficulty Concentrating
    – 53% of patients reported that their concentration improved.
  6. Confusion
    – The patients’ level of confusion decreased by 30%.

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