Custom Consulting

“Consulting Services Customized to Achieve Your Unique Program Goals”

Mental health services can be a challenge for even the best acute care hospital staffs. Changing regulations established by The Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service, and state-specific local coverage determinations alone can threaten your ability to succeed.

Add to that, unique billing and reimbursement models, specialized handling of psychiatric patients and their attending families, and diverse community needs, and you have a veritable minefield of critical decisions ahead.

Focusing on What Matters

Horizon Health’s customized consulting services will help you cut directly to a solution.

  • We focus on what’s best for your patients and your facility.
  • We develop a plan that effectively satisfies your community needs.
  • We recommend operating procedures that allow you to deliver excellence in clinical services and a strong financial performance, quarter-by-quarter.

Customized Deliverables

Depending on the specific needs of your service market and the individual program goals of your hospital administration, Horizon Health will provide you with a detailed and professionally produced:

  • Comprehensive program audit
  • Medical records, treatment program, survey readiness, policies and procedures
  • Physical plant risk assessment
  • Patient flow through hospital
  • Provision of regulatory updates
  • Performance improvement evaluation
  • Financial review
  • Community education/referral development plan
  • Local market analysis, staff evaluation
  • Referral development plan review
  • Volume enhancement recommendations
  • Financial pro forma
  • Detailed baseline pro forma analysis
  • Analysis of program development opportunities
  • Continual billing updates
  • Projective Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) analysis
  • Billing analysis
  • Improved billing/coding process
  • Reduced denial risks
  • Informative payment reviews
  • Prospective Payment System (PPS) exclusion and licensure criteria verification

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