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Horizon Health specializes in helping hospitals better serve patients by establishing safe, effective and financially stable psychiatric programs, managed to the highest standards of accountability.

Why Horizon Health?

Because at Horizon Health, you can expect…


40 Years

40 years of experience in behavioral health.

Horizon Health Behavioral Health Services has been assisting hospitals in managing their behavioral health programs for more than three decades.

Whether it involves the planning, development and implementation of a new behavioral health service line or the successful management of a troubled existing behavioral health service, Horizon has unparalleled experiences in successfully dealing with issues unique to hospital-based programs.

Best Practices

Programs based on best practices, clinical outcomes.

Horizon is dedicated to maintaining and improving effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of quality services to the patients of our hospital partners.  In order to improve patient outcomes, Horizon Health synthesizes literature, activities and experiences collected from our partner hospitals to develop an exceptional best practices approach.

Horizon is devoted to increasing quality and quantity of best practice techniques, as well as disseminating, implementing and monitoring “best practice” models, striving towards state-of-the-art approaches.  Best practice models have been developed in Policies and Procedures, Trauma Informed Care, Fall Reduction, Patient and Family education materials, development of Music Memory, and Reminiscence Rooms for older adults.

Population Health

Assist hospital partners in maximizing their Population Health Initiatives.

Horizon is positioned to assist our hospital partners maximize their Population Health initiatives.  Horizon’s services have always been population-focused based solely on the best practices of serving high-risk behavioral health service consumers and our singular focus on integration of behavioral health services into general acute care hospitals.  A key component of Population Health is data driven decision making to assess and improve patient outcomes and engagement.  Horizon’s CQI+ Outcomes Measurement system supports our hospital partners’ ability to track patients, assess and intervene for improved clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

CQI+ was designed to focus on the clinical outcomes of behavioral health patients, allowing hospitals to clearly measure the effectiveness of their behavioral health program. Our client hospitals utilizing CQI+ have access to the nation’s largest behavioral health clinical outcomes database of over 1,600,000 patients.  The system is customizable to meet unique needs or situations.

Convert Space

Convert unused or under-performing space.

Horizon Health can assist in planning and budgeting for a renovated behavioral health space in your hospital. Along with our clinical space review, Horizon can refer one of our behavioral health architectural partners across the country. We can help answer questions such as:

  • How many beds will the available space accommodate?
  • What is the approximate cost to renovate?
  • What is the time frame involved for the project?” 

We will also complete a market analysis of the bed need in your area and assemble a detailed financial analysis to make the business case and demonstrate the ROI on your new behavioral health service. Horizon will support your decisions and, at your request, present to your hospital board this exciting opportunity to provide this much-needed service to your community.   We are with you every step of the way, including guiding you through the process of governmental submissions.

National Resources

Provision local, regional and national resources to provide optimal care.

From our network of seasoned behavioral health employees, our internal recruiting department (with a proprietary database of behavioral health industry executives and psychiatrists) to the strategic analysis of pro forma models and reimbursement methodology, Horizon is able to support, with our depth of national resources, the varied needs of our partner hospitals. Horizon’s Operations and Clinical teams are located throughout the US and bring with them the highest level of industry experience in regulatory audits, start-ups of new behavioral health programs, policies and procedures, treatment planning, clinical standards and best practices, continuing education and training, patient outcomes, and the many regulations that guide the behavioral health industry.

Outcomes Measurement

Strengthen hospital reputation for clinical excellence through the CQI+℠ outcomes measurement system.

Horizon Health was a pioneer in the design and implementation of behavioral health outcomes measurement. Horizon’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI+℠) Outcomes Measurement System provides a combination of standardized, proprietary, and custom clinical and case-mix data tools to provide the largest behavioral health outcomes benchmarking and performance improvement database. Horizon clients can measure their program’s performance against similar programs allowing them to evaluate differences that highlight opportunities for performance improvement.  Horizon provides support and submission services for both The Joint Commission Hospital Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services (HBIPS) and the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Quality Reporting (IPFQR) Measures.

More Referrals

Maximize referrals and build census through STAR™ and HorizonPlus™, referral development systems.

Horizon Health community education efforts measure referral source satisfaction and utilize weekly, quarterly and annual strategic plans to generate more referrals.  More referrals result in more admissions for the behavioral health services of our partner hospitals.  Utilization of market analysis and HorizonPlus™, Horizon’s customized web-based information system for tracking referrals, admissions, discharges and community education contacts, drives the ability to create specific target market segment strategies for all potential referral sources. Horizon’s STAR℠ training ensures that all unit personnel responsible for community marketing efforts are trained in community outreach skills, ensuring that the appropriate approach is executed for each potential referral source segment.  Horizon is the first contract management company to measure satisfaction of referral sources to ensure that outreach efforts and program performance meet the needs and expectations of the referral community, ensuring a continuous flow of referrals from existing and new referral sources.


SECURE™ Training

Maximize patient and employee safety with SECURE™ Training.

SECURE is a Horizon Health copyrighted product designed to provide staff with the knowledge and tools needed to manage aggressive behaviors through appropriate assessment, prevention/planning, and evaluation. The modules focus on effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills to intervene in the least restrictive manner with the goal of eliminating restraint and seclusion.  Patients admitted to psychiatric services are often in crisis and are frightened. Seventy percent (70%) of adults in the United States have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives, and ninety percent (90%) of public health clients have experienced trauma. SECURE utilizes a patient-centered, trauma-sensitive approach to avoid re-traumatizing patients experiencing emotional dysregulation.  Horizon Health clinical leaders provide instruction and support to teach, certify and maintain on-site SECURE  instructors in our partner hospitals.  This resource assists healthcare personnel better manage aggressive events, as well as, meet regulatory compliance with accrediting bodies.


Regulatory Compliance

Navigate accrediting agencies and regulatory compliance issues.

Behavioral Health regulations are our specialty.  For more than 39 years, Horizon Health has partnered with more than 660 hospitals in over 40 different states to provide ongoing resources and support, and customized, intensive auditing processes.  We have strengthened the quality and safety of preexisting behavioral health programs, while assisting other partners develop new behavioral health services to meet community needs.  We have developed a framework of practices to develop, support and maintain accreditation and State specific standards. The Horizon Health team of Financial Analysts, CQI+℠  Outcomes Measurement department, Clinical Services, Community Education Specialists, Operators, and the staff at Horizon’s National Support Center work collectively to ensure constant survey readiness and compliance at all Horizon-managed programs.

Information Management

State of the art management information system.

Horizon Health utilizes advanced technology and analytics to provide insights into the data collected and analyzed by our systems.

We offer an un-paralleled understanding of behavioral health data through our use of business intelligence and data mining.

Horizon develops and manages custom proprietary applications in support of our Operations, Clinical, and Financial teams.

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