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3 Ways to Address the Great Resignation in Your Hospital

The Great Resignation is a challenge facing every industry in the United States and at various stages of an employee’s career.  According to research by Harvard Business Review, employees between 30 – 45 have seen the greatest resignation rates.  Although multiple industries have been affected, technology and healthcare have felt the greatest impact of resignations with as much as 4.5% resigning from their jobs.  This is largely driven by increased demand driving some employees to turnover or resignation. 

This aggressive exit in the workforce compounds the pressures that retained employees feel.  If not balanced, this can lead to more stress and burnout, and of course, more employee exits.

Addressing the Great Resignation

Overcoming the Great Resignation in your hospital isn’t easy, but you can take measures to mitigate the loss of valued employees and increase employee engagement.

1. Increase Employee Engagement through Continuing Education

There is no greater tool for re-engaging your employees than the opportunity to absorb new research and learn new skills.  According to Gallup, engaged employees are 59% less likely to seek out a new job or career.  Continuing education for our hospital partners is standard practice at Horizon Health.  Our Clinical Resources team offers our hospitals a resources library with hundreds of categories and subjects to empower our hospital partners’ need to develop their team’s skills and knowledge.  Through regular meetings and evaluations, coordinated training sessions and helping your team increase awareness of best-practices in patient and staff safety, your hospital can greatly benefit from the positive impact of continuing education solutions.

2. Increase the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Your Team

Every hospital faces the challenges of keeping their teams focused, while trying to tear down the silos that create inefficiency, poor communication and lower morale.  What you say as a leader can both motivate and overwhelm your employees.  Conflicting details in your communication without clarity is harmful to your ability to keep your employees engaged and motivated.  In Horizon Health’s approach, we provide an operations leader that has strategic oversight in your behavioral health unit’s operations.  This means, they help tear down the silos to be sure communications and efficiency is streamlined across multiple departments.  This approach increases not only employee engagement, but improves patient outcomes.

3. Identify and Celebrate your success with Benchmarking

Do your patients get better?  How does your hospital accomplish this compared to others of your size, market demographics and needs?  Your employees’ ability to be challenged is one of the greatest tools for increasing employee engagement.  Unfortunately, too often, a goal is set without data to back it up.  This can lead to negatively affecting your employee’s motivation because they don’t believe the goal is attainable without evidence.  For Horizon Health, data-based benchmarking is paramount to our approach in helping hospital partners.  Our Mental Health Outcomes (MHO) division is the heartbeat of our approach to supporting a hospital’s ability to benchmark their success and provide our hospitals with data they can leverage for improvements.  By providing comparable data, your hospital and its employees can see where they excel, where they need to grow and how to get to the next level of operational excellence.

One of the best ways to help retain a valuable employee begins with the recruitment process itself.  Horizon Health understands the importance of this crucial first step and that’s why we have our own recruitment team, dedicated to physical and staff recruiting for our hospital partners.  With over 40 years in the behavioral health industry, we’ve invested heavily in developing one of the most powerful employee and referral networks in our industry. If you’re experiencing challenges in the way you help your behavioral health team stay engaged and inspired, we can help. 

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