Behavioral Health Unit Renovation

Proven Behavioral Health Unit Renovation Services

As the landscape of behavioral health care has changed, so should the physical aspects of your facility. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to facility redesign, nor should there be. You may be considering renovating your nurses’ station or activity room, adding beds, or making other modifications and improvements that will foster improved access to mental health care.

You can help create an environment for improved services through behavioral health unit renovations. Look to Horizon Health as your behavioral health management company for making recommendations based on our years of experience and expertise for converting non-revenue producing space into a revenue-producing behavioral health program.

Making Behavioral Health Unit Renovations Easier

As the behavioral health expert working with your renovation design team, we can advise you on how to maximize the potential for your patients, based on market analysis. Better design and efficient use of space can enhance patients’ experience while in your care, and while reducing operating costs.

Behavioral health unit renovations in healthcare facilities have specific requirements far more stringent than most facilities. We take into consideration the more restrictive guidelines as we examine patient-staff ratios, appropriate furnishings, and regulatory requirements. Our team at Horizon Health stays up-to-date on codes and statutes so you can concentrate on what you do best: provide patient care.

Together we will explore renovation options that minimize safety risks while creating a welcoming environment that will meet the needs of your patients, staff, and facility.

Why Choose Horizon Health?

A leader in the field of behavioral health for 37 years, Horizon Health has helped hundreds of partners in the industry improve their behavioral health programs. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for excellence and innovation, something that drives us to help all of our clients achieve their behavioral health goals.

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